The Journalistic Trappings of #Gamergate

If you spend a lot of time on social media or with the blogosphere, chances are you are familiar with the GamerGate controversy. I found the coverage of GamerGate to be an under-addressed aspect of the scandal. Below is my piece documenting the gamer culture wars and decrying the clickbait and reductive discourse that sprang up in its wake.

Struck a Nerve: The Pop Culture Mixtape

Every third Monday at Wild Goose Creative, my good friend Dustin Meadows hosts the excellent Struck a Nerve: The Pop Culture Mixtape. The show challenges writers and comedians to write sketches or essays about various pop-culture themes, and the show always seems to inspire hilarious and affecting pieces from its performers. I had the honor of participating last July in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles edition. Below is the link to my piece "Teenage Mutant Wish Fulfillment", a brief essay about pre-teen bloodlust and idol worship as seen through the lens of my obsession with the cartoon turtles. Also check out the show. Everyone is embracing their inner nerd these days so you'd be a pretty lame nerd not to go to at least one.